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Socks and odds

Hoo, I haven't posted in aaages.  I finished the "Monkey" socks from Knitty.  I'm happy with them but I still say the stitch would have showed up nicer with plain yarn.  But of course, all my sock yarn is either varigated or self-patterning.  If I'd have been told I'd ever want plain sock yarn a year or two ago after I had heard of self-patterning stuff I would have said nonsense!   Why would anyone want plain when they can have mad colours?? Well, now I know.   Stitches. Anyway, it was really fun to knit so I'm on the look out for some sort of plain sock yarn to do it again.  I think I'll make a better job of it this time round too.

I'm also knitting a "getting rid of the old yarn" hoodie.  So far I've used up two balls and two different colours of Noro Silver Thaw and two balls and two colours (lime and purple) of Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed.  Yeah, yeah those two yarns aren't even the same weight.    You can really notice it while you're knitting it but the knit fabric actually looks fine.  They might drape slightly differently but because of the stripes it's not noticeable.

Oh yeah, just looking at how bad my bits and bobs hoodie sounds reminds me of another reason why I hardly update anymore.  I have no digital camera.   I've been quite annoyed at modern technology lately and have wondered at the little ways that I could become less dependent on it, but I don't like having no digital camera!   It's one of thte most fun things about having knit blog - posting pics and expecially looking at other people's.  Oh well, Santa Clause is coming...