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New Knitty

This season's new Knitty is a really good one! It's the best I can remember in a long time.

I love Dahlia and I think I'll be making it, even though I don't really dress that feminine normally (jeans and punk tshirt ftw), but I would like to dresss that way sometimes.

There's a few really cool and challenging looking sock patterns on there. I'm going to make Azure as my first attempt at a full garment with cables (I have practiced them so I kind of know what they're about) and Slippery proves that you CAN make a sock with with a complex looking stitch and varigated yarn and the two won't "cancel each other out".

At the moment I can't do any of those though because my printer isn't working. I have Arisaig printed out from ages ago and I'm thinking of starting that off over the holidays. If only I can find some decent yarn in this town. It's a bit too late to be ordering yarn for xmas online. I suppose I can print out some patterns at work next week.