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lace, yesterday

So I went to that workshop thingie in Galway yesterday and it was great! Lace isn't scary at all! 

Now I'm off to try Branching Out with my new GGH yarn!


Lace Knitting Workshop

I'm going to this on Saturday!

I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully take some photos.

I've also been learning to make amigurumi crochet from a really cute pattern I got from ebay.  It seems quite easy.  I hope I get good enough some day that I can design my own amigurumi-style characters.  The pattern I have is Hello Kitty in a bunny suit.  I just need some stuffing now, and felt for her eyes and nose. Cuuute!!

Long time no see

I've been dreadful for updating this journal lately! I'm going to try to be better at it from now on.  it's nice to keep a record of projects and progress...

Anyway, in knitting news I'm teaching two girls how to knit.  it's exciting to be able to share skills but it's nerve-wracking because I still feel quite new to knitting and while I'm not a beginner anymore I'm definitely not an expert!

I'm learning patchwork too.  I don't suppose any of you knitty folks would mind if I talked about that on here too?  I'll put it under a cut anyway.

Well, I'll be back soon with the usual pictures and complaints about my knitting.  I hope there's still people reading this....


Today I have a sad  (and image heavy) knitting story to share.


Has Simply Knitting magazine gone out of business?

knitting (the mag)

I bought it again! Even though there's not one nice pattern in it! Well, there's a nice baby pattern but I don't care about those!

The most interesting thing was there was a letter about Dale Chihuly in it! Knitting and Dale Chihuly, together at last!


FO, UFOs and shocking revelations!!

I bought Simply Knitting, Knitting and Stitch 'n Bitch Nation this month. I think I'm in the second wave of knitting obsession. Anyway, the disturbing trend of Simply Knitting having more nice patterns than Knitting seems to be continuing. Although I hate the fact that they tell you how to knit at the back of EVERY issue. What a waste of papaer...


new knitty

Just like this month's Knitting magazine, there's nothing nice in the new Knitty. Except these guys:

mother's day

Mother's Day is coming and I'd like to get a knitting related present for my mam. Now, I don't want to make her something because she'd make something for herself faster and better. I just know if there were little imperfections in something I'd make for her, she'd see them and be painfully aware of them. I'd like to maybe get her a kit. I love the ones from White Lies and they are very much the type of style she wears, but they're too pricey. I'm a student and broke so I want to spend around €30 on her gift. So, can anyone recommend someplace for me to get a kit for her tha would not be too expensive please?


I'm having a bit of a vegan knitter crisis. Wool is so hard-wearing. And acrylic pills so easily! I know I shouldn't abandon my morals for reasons of convenience, but I've been trying to make excuses for myself such as "but wouldn't organic wool be ok?" Argh! I don't approve of farming; ANY farming.

In knit-news I'm making leg warmers and a made up version of tubey (see last post) at the moment